Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Goodies, Goodies Oh My!!

Today, I received my goodies from Papertrey Ink!! I actually got my free stamp set AND my order (in two different shipments). My free stamp set I chose was Sweet Love, you should check it out HERE. I also bought ribbon and paper from PTI (the cool way of saying Papertrey Ink). Once I place, I will show, show, show!!! I also got my stamp set for MFT (the cool way of saying My Favorite Things). The one I got so was Think Pink so check it out HERE.

Monday, April 28, 2008

I am so broken

I cannot tell you how bad my back hurts!! Let me tell ya the story...I had a NIGHTMARE so bad that I twisted my back. It was one of those dreams where you're at your own home so it feels real and not a dream. I look over at my bf (in my dream) and there is some guy standing over him and he lunges for me. I scream (in my dream) which I hear in real life so I wake up because I try to twist and get out of bed and hurt my back. I'm waiting for a call from Physical Therapy so I can hopefully get a deep heat treatment. That's all for now folks...

Sunday, April 27, 2008

#1 Giants Fan

The first picture shows Ian watching his big brother Johnny at baseball practice. My nephew Johnny is a really good ball player! When he was little, when he should've been playing T-Ball (the kind of baseball where you put the ball on the pole and then the kids hit it from there - not being pitched to), by bff lied about his age and got him into regular kids baseball (where the kids get pitched to) and he held his own....Big Leagues - you better watch out....The last picture is Ian smiling....

And the winner of the Papertrey Ink Blog Hop is....

OMG - I saw my first Blog Hop from Papertrey Ink and the winner is Kimberley Crawford. She created the most AMAZING project which can be found HERE.

Most Creative Mother's Day card I've seen yet!!

Lauren Meader's mother's day card has been around the world and back in regards to how creative she is. Click HERE to see true creativeness - boy am I GREEN with ENVY!! You go Girl!!

Oh, by the way

Nichole Heady has the most super-duper craft room evah!! I secretly want this room as my own and her organization has given me a lot of ideas for if and when I get my own craft room. Click HERE and scroll to the bottom to see the bestest room evah!!!


I'm trying to get this blog up and running and my back is killing me!!! My first official post - just lovely isn't it?

My next post will have some type of pictures on it.....

Probably of my godson since I just saw him yesterday....

Have a lovely day - The One and Only Michelle